The Network

Have you ever wondered:

  • what anaerobic fungi are?
  • where they are found?
  • what is their biological importance and impact?
  • what is their biotechnological value?
  • how to find anaerobic fungal related resources?
  • where to find anaerobic fungal researchers and/or expertise?

Well wonder no more; that is what the anaerobic fungi network is for!

The network was initiated in 2011 by Dr Joan E. Edwards (Wageningen University & Research) following the realisation that not all anaerobic fungal researchers were based in the same research field, with many never crossing paths.

The network was initially developed as a mechanism to enable more effective communication throughout the anaerobic fungal research community. The network currently includes 55 researchers representing over 25 organisations in 13 different countries spread world-wide – with membership continuing to expand. It has been particularly exciting to see the number of ‘new’ organisations working on anaerobic fungi.

The network (currently co-ordinated by Joan Edwards, Daniel Hohlweck, Sandra Kittelmann and Sumit Singh Dagar) supports the following for its members:

  • a regular mailing list for distributing information about anaerobic fungi as well as other related resources and opportunities,
  • the production and dissemination of a directory of anaerobic fungal researchers (2017 edition available here),
  • international workshops to discuss key challenges and opportunities of relevance to the anaerobic fungal research community,
  • the development of publications and mechanisms to communicate knowledge about anaerobic fungi to a wide range of audiences.

Following the recent acknowledgement that there is limited anaerobic fungal information and resources widely available, the network also now wish to share and disseminate their knowledge and news about anaerobic fungi using this website and social media (facebook and twitter) as a forum.