Updated anaerobic fungal ITS1 database – version 3.3.

The database for the assignment of anaerobic fungal ITS1 next-generation sequence reads (compatible with Mothur and QIIME), as described in the paper by Koetschan et al (2014),  has just been updated to now include Pecoramyces – please see the Resources & Links page to download the two files for version 3.3!



Hungate1000 Rumen Microbial Genomes Workshop

There will be a Hungate1000 rumen microbial genomes workshop taking place at the 2015 Congress on Gastrointestinal Function Conference, April 13-15, Chicago, USA.
The workshop will take place on the morning of April 13th 2015 and will be a great session where the progress on genome sequencing of the rumen microbiome will be presented as well hearing from several invited speakers who will be discussing strategies and applications for using this type of resource. More details can be found at: http://congressgastrofunction.org/program.asp

Life through a lens – Buwchfawomyces eastonii

Click here to see a video clip of a Buwchfawomyces eastonii thallus attached to a particle of wheatstraw.

The wheat straw particle can be seen to be colonised by the extensive rhizoid which has a mature sporangium (round bulbous structure) emerging from it. The sporangium will eventually full up with zoospores and release them to colonise fresh plant material.

Thanks Tony Callaghan for providing us with this video clip!