Microbe of the month

We are delighted to announce that anaerobic fungi are featured as ‘Microbe of the month’ at the Dutch microbiology museum in Amsterdam, Micropia.

This is the result of a collaboration between Wageningen University & Research and TU Delft.

More details about anaerobic fungi and the museum can be found here.



Updated anaerobic fungal ITS1 database – version 3.4 – now available!

The database for the assignment of anaerobic fungal ITS1 next-generation sequence reads (compatible with Mothur and QIIME), as described in the paper by Koetschan et al (2014),  has just been updated to now include all 11 currently characterized genera – please see the Resources & Links page to download the two files for version 3.4!

Frontiers: Herbivore gut eukaryota and viruses

We would like  to bring to your attention a new Frontiers in Microbiology research topic on: Advances in the understanding of the commensal eukaryota and viruses of the herbivore gut. The topic is also a tribute to the tremendous contributions of the late Professor Burk Dehority and Professor Colin Orpin to the field of herbivore gut microbiology. The topic is open to all type of herbivores – not just mammalian. For further details please see here.

Liebetanzomyces – 11th genus described

The new genus, Liebetanzomyces, was isolated using an extended cultivation approach. It’s type strain is called L. polymorphus due to the pleomorphism it displays in terms of its sporangial and rhizoidal structures. The genus is named after Erwin Liebetanz, as he was the first to document the flagellated zoospores of anaerobic fungi in 1910. The paper can be seen here.